Surface Hub Essentials – Get started

Surface Hub

After more than a year of experience in dealing with Surface Hub customers, we have an idea on how different teams and Organizations use the Surface Hub on a daily basis. The What We collected hundreds of feedback and we also realized how different the Hub (or any other Team

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CollaBoard Roadshow – Our Surface Hub Experience

CollaBoard Roadshow 3

This spring we had the chance to organize our first CollaBoard Roadshow. There are a lot of events out there throughout the entire year but, with the help of Microsoft, we decided to go across Europe to showcase the Surface Hub and CollaBoard. We targeted our efforts at first to

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Collaboration within the Digital Transformation – IBV @ AVS Collaboration Days

AVS CollaborationDays

During the CollaBoard and Surface Hub Roadshow we presented CollaBoard on several events. One of theme was the AVS Collaboration Days, which was a community session to explore the future of collaboration. Over 100 people listened to speeches about the latest hardware and software developments for unifying communication and facilitating collaboration

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