Multi User Experience

The Surface Hub from Microsoft enables teams to collaborate in a new, modern and more personal way. This new technology brings the modern world of software usage with touch, ink and voice commands in companys.

The possibility that several people work at the same time on the same device creats a ton of new possibilities how to develop ideas and collaborate on projects.



Collaboration Hub – Software for the Surface Hub

Collaboration Hub is one of the first solutions to leverage the Surface Hub for the ultimative tool for team collaboration. Collaboration Hub is designed for the Surface Hub und integrateds it’s functionalities like pen control, voice commands, multitotuch gestures and more.


Creat and collect your ideas and concept in your team. Use the power of the internet and other sources seamless integrated in collaboration hub and store your information in the cloud. Collaboration Hub delivers you the possibilties to gather all your information, knowledge, data, sketches, ideas and much more in one singel surface.


Collaboration Hub News

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