CollaBoard – Individual Live Demo

Book an individual Live Demo to learn about use cases and new features in CollaBoard. Bring digital collaboration to the next level and see CollaBoard live in action.

Christine Pelz – Customer Success Manager

This is a completely individual live demo in CollaBoard. We will have a look at your use cases and how CollaBoard can assist you being productive and efficient in a digital workplace.

You can use CollaBoard for

  • Digital Workshops
  • Digital Meetings
  • Digital Brainstorming sessions with your team
  • Creating Business Analysis like the SWOT, Marketing Mix, Mindmaps
  • Designing Workflows
  • Sharing and working on content (PDF files, MS office files, pictures and videos) with your colleagues at

Choose your prefered date directly in my calendar.

Download CollaBoard to experience the new way of collaboration

Click here to download CollaBoard