The easiest way to access your documents on Surface Hub

The easiest way to access your data on Surface Hub

Document Explorer

Increase Surface Hub Usage with the DocumentExplorer App

Secure on-premise file access on Surface Hub

Enable users to work with their on-premise files on the Surface Hub. Having easy access to relevant files for meetings improves Surface Hub user adoption.


Made for Surface Hub


30 seconds to learn


High data Security

How it works

DocumentExplorer is a Windows 10 and Surface Hub app allowing you to securely access files hosted locally, on your network and even in the cloud from one central place.

With DocumentExplorer you can open any file on your Surface Hub for which a Surface Hub App exists. If you miss an app for your files on the Surface Hub get in contact with us.

DocumentExplorer offers you an easy-to-use interface to securely access sensitive data on your Surface Hub, work on them on its large touchscreen, then save them back wherever they are stored. No trace is left on the Surface Hub, which remains clean and ready for a new collaborative session.

Access files from everywhere with the DocumentExplorer App

Designed for large touchscreens


Multiuser experience

Multiple people can access their Documents at the same time on the same Surface Hub.


Natural user interface

With a natural user interface Document Explorer is simple and comfortable to use on Surface Hubs.


High performance

Optimized for performance: Document Explorer can download and upload also very large files (<10 GB).

Target Industries


Banking and Finance






Government / Public Sector

DocumentExplorer Features

Download and upload files from on-premise fileshares, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drivve

Share Content from your Surface Hub to your fileshare (for example the Whiteboard)

Multiuser can access their files at the same time.

Copy and paste files from one fileshare to antoher

Rename files

Delete files

Rename folders

Create folders

Delete folders

Active Directory login