CollaBoard: your Surface Hub App

CollaBoard for Surface Hub

Real-Time Remote Teamwork, Presentations, and Brainstorming

Access a Shared Real-Time Virtual Workspace

from one Surface Hub app, no matter where you are and what you do. CollaBoard for Surface Hub makes your teamwork, presentations, and brainstorming sessions easier and faster.

multiuser experience

Multi-User Experience

Natural User Interface

Hold Highly Engaging Meetings with Clients and Colleagues

 in an easy-to-use environment on your Surface Hub and Windows 10 devices. CollaBoard leverages natural input methods such as touch, inking and voice commands for a fast and intuitive user experience. No need to take screenshots of your Whiteboard or log into OneDrive to share content.

With CollaBoard, All your Data Are Stored in the Azure Cloud,

ready to be accessed anytime with Project Code and Key, NFC tag or QR Code. Without them, no one can open a project on the Surface Hub: your work is protected.

Download CollaBoard now and sign up for a free 30-day trial version (click on Info after logging in).

Optimized for Touch & Ink

“The world is really changing. Software and hardware are reaching a completely new level, and as a consequence, over the next few years the way we work together will completely change.”

 Andreas Görög, CEO IBV Informatik AG


Secure Access on the Surface Hub

The Surface Hub is a multi-touch collaboration device designed for multiple people to work on. As it is not a personal, but a shared device, it does not require login and it is not supposed to store documents and files.

CollaBoards Saves your Project Work on the Surface Hub directly in the Cloud

So you can reaccess your data from any other Surface Hub or Windows 10 device, anywhere and anytime. To reopen a project you simply need Project Key and Code, QR Code or a pre-programmed NFC tag. When logging into CollaBoard on a personal device, the app will save the access data to make it easier to reopen the same project later on – for your security, this feature has been disabled on the Surface Hub.

Watch CollaBoard in action