Software Development

Do you need durable IT solutions for your business, but don’t know where to start?

We are here to support your business with our solutions CollaBoard, myCompany and DocumentExplorer, already used by thousands of customers worldwide.


Our productivity app CollaBoard is a virtual workspace for real-time collaboration and brainstorming on the whole Microsoft Surface family, including Surface Hub and Surface Studio, as well as on all Windows 10 devices. Download a 30-day free trial version of CollaBoard now to test it with your team and be part of a new way of working.


myCompany is our completely integrated CRM, ERP, DMS, and BI solution, allowing you to manage your whole business from one only program, without having to switch between countless applications. Developed in our own proprietary language, myCompany benefits from a unique architecture, allowing for easy customization with no developer expertise required. Track leads, sales, tasks, communications, invoices, and much more with your colleagues and watch your business grow. Also available in customized versions for foundations, non-profit organizations, insurances, and small and medium-sized companies.


DocumentExplorer is a Windows 10 and Surface Hub app that enables to securely access files hosted on-premise fileservers and in SharePoint environments. With DocumentExplorer any file can be opened on your Surface Hub for which a Surface Hub App exists.

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Our extensive experience in Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Data Management, and IT Security gives us a unique advantage when it comes to improving productivity.

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