Surface Hub Apps

Surface Hub Apps

We realize your app for Surface Hub

Surface Hub Apps

Your ideas are our challenge

We develop Windows Universal Apps for large multitouch screens and team devices such as the Surface Hub. We implement state-of-the-art input methods such as touch, ink and voice commands in applications, and create simple and intuitive user interfaces.

Create Multi-User Experiences

Natural User Interface

Bring your data on the Surface Hub

Be among the first companies benefiting from customized Surface Hub apps

“CollaBoard is more than just a normal app. CollaBoard illustrates a concept of new work with the Surface Hub. We are happy to adapt CollaBoard to your needs and develop your version of CollaBoard”

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Our competences

For over 36 years we have been developing individual software for our customers

Azure Cloud Specialist

Microsoft Silver Partner

multiuser experience

Multi-User Applications

Software for large touchscreens with Multi-touch and Multi-ink support

Natural User Interfaces

Simple and intuitive user interfaces

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