The following positions are open at the moment:

Sales Director

This position is responsible for managing administrative and financial functions and helping to lead strategic planning initiatives at a local level (US only). The Sales Director works closely with the Board of Directors to strengthen the organization’s operations and programs including partnerships, business development and policy/advocacy. Sales Director is the main point of contact for all IBV relationships in the USA and is responsible for all the communication within the United States of America. Read more ≫

C++ Guru interested in stepping outside the comfort zone

Are you a C++ master willing to step outside the comfort zone to explore cutting-edge technologies and go beyond the boundaries?

Have you ever heard the term “Emerging Experiences” before? Are you fascinated by artificial intelligence and its impact on nowadays software?

Are you a VR/MR/AR fanatic?

If your answers were yes to all of these questions, please continue reading. Maybe you just found the right place to express your talent.

Read more ≫

Senior .NET UWp / XAML UX Designer

Are you a .Net Senior UX Designer willing to work in a dynamic environment where you will work on extremely cutting the edge technologies as well as standard, sometime outdated, technologies?Have you ever heard the work MPC (More Personal Computing before) ? Do you like to develop UX with XAML? Are you an MVVM fanatic? Read more ≫