Live Demo – How to Merge Remote Communication AND Collaboration

Bring remote collaboration to the next level and learn how to use online whiteboards.

Digital Whiteboard app’s combined with an audio- and videoconference tool are a great solution for remote communication AND collaboration.

If you are already familiar with audio- and video conferencing and have some experience in remote communication, the time has come for you to make the next step. Move beyond remote communication and start to collaborate in a new way.

We will show how you can work with your colleagues on a shared online whiteboard. See how people can access the online whiteboard from everywhere and work together as if they work on the real whiteboard.

An online whiteboard offers a lot of new opportunities to improve remote collaboration. It is not just about digitizing the real whiteboard. An online whiteboard can transform into an infinite workspace where people can do much more than just whiteboarding.

In this live demo we will show you, how you can evolve remote collaboration with the advanced online whiteboard Collaboard.

Michael Görög -Interactive Whiteboard and Collaboration Expert

You will learn in this live demo how to:

  • Orchestrate your team working on a shared online whiteboard
  • Be creative in a virtual team (Brainstorming, Gamestorming, Mind-Mapping)
  • Prepare and hold a digital workshop
  • Bring some fun in your remote meetings with our gamification approach

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