More Personal Computing


naturally interact with the latest technology

More personal computing stands for the natural interaction between humans and technology. A part of more personal computing is the natural user interface. Here are a some simple examples.



Humans have perfected writing by hand with pencil and paper over the years. Technologies such as mouse and keyboard have made it impossible for people to naturally work on a computer with texts, graphics etc. as they were used to.

We had to learn the 10 finger system and had to make countless mouse commands. The natural user interface approach requires that the technology enables the function writing just as natural as we are used to it from writing on paper.



 The voice is the most natural way to communicate. For example «open PDF XY and go to page 42, I really like this idea». Open the corresponding file with the existing technology, or enter the file name to search. The more personal computing approach requires that applications learn to understand and execute such commands.



In order to move and change things we have to touch them. The most natural way to do so is by using your finger. So far, we moved files by using mouse and keyboard. It is more natural to move a file directly from one storage box to another with the finger. Different gestures with one or more fingers allow us to rise above natural interaction, which creates new ways of interaction with technology.


There are certain things that you have to repeat several times to learn them and there are things you are able to do after the first try. The ambitious goal of the more personal computing approach includes that workflows in a software are so intuitive that the user can execute them successfully at the very first try.

How we implement More Personal Computing in our software solutions.