Natural User Interface

Natural User Interface

The business world is changing rapidly. Natural User Interfaces (NUI), using input methods such as touch, inking, voice, and gesture, have already conquered our personal lives and are about to take over our professional lives, too. Think about it: nearly every device out there, from electronic signature devices to your car Hi-Fi or voice-controlled speakers incorporates one or more of those features.

In more and more business environments, Natural User Interfaces are improving collaboration and increasing productivity as we speak. We believe the workplace of the future will rely heavily on these technologies, as their presence is only bound to increase. We are convinced that the first companies to understand this shift will be the giants of tomorrow. So we build software for them.

We develop customized solutions for your Surface Hub and Windows 10 devices (including Surface Studio and Surface Dial) that work across locations and teams, helping you to achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently.

We also specialize in application development for Microsoft HoloLens. With Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality there are no limits to what you can do. Offer your prospects the unique experience of seeing your products in action and seal the deal. HoloLens applications let you add a tridimensional holographic layer to reality and show – not tell – your clients why your product is a game changer. Virtually install your product in the client’s office or home, simulate scenarios for training purposes, create interactive representations of the infinitely small or the incredibly big. With HoloLens, if you can imagine it, we can build it.

“We are one of the very few companies worldwide with award-winning developers working on Microsoft HoloLens and Surface Hub applications.”


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