CollaBoard – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Technical Information

How can I request an Evaluation License?

To request an evaluation license for CollaBoard, log in with your Microsoft (including Office 365), Google, Facebook or Twitter account. If you don’t have a license yet, the time-limited demo version will launch by default. Tap and hold or click anywhere on the start screen to open the Radial Menu, click on About, then on Info. In the Info menu, swipe left, then click on Evaluation License to enter your details and receive a free 30-day License Key. Insert the License Key into the field above and click on Register.

How can I activate my copy of CollaBoard with the License Key?

To activate your copy of CollaBoard, you need to be logged in with your Microsoft (including Office 365), Google, Facebook or Twitter account. Once you log in, open the Radial Menu and click on About, then on Info, then swipe left. You can now enter your License Key and click on Register to activate your CollaBoard license.

How can I access a project? How can I invite someone to collaborate on a project?

You can access existing CollaBoard projects in four ways:

  • History (only if logged in): CollaBoard shows you all projects you created or joined on your personal device or while logged in to the app on Surface Hub, so you don’t need to re-enter Project Code and Key. To access the list, simply click Load Project, then swipe left to see Projects You Created, swipe again to see Projects You Joined. This feature is absent in the Surface Hub version of the app if you are not logged in, to protect your privacy.
  • Project Code and Key: every time a new project is generated, you will be provided a Project Code and Key. These can be used by clicking Load Project to access an already existing project. A Project’s Code and Key can also be viewed anytime from inside the project by clicking on About, then on Info in the Radial Menu, where they can be copied with one click.
  • QR Code: go to the About section of the Radial Menu, then click on Info to view the QR Code of the project. Scan it with a Windows Mobile or Surface device to open the same project on that device.
  • NFC Tag/Sticker: just swipe the pre-programmed NFC Tag/Sticker near your Surface Hub or Windows Mobile device and CollaBoard will automatically open the project. Share an NFC business card with your customers and external partners to let them easily access your CollaBoard projects.

When you create a New Project, the Code, Key and QR Code will be automatically displayed right away; you can access them anytime by clicking on About, then on Info in the radial menu.

How can I collaborate with external customers and partners?

External customers and partners can download the app for free from the Microsoft Store and request a 30-day Evaluation License (see How can I request an evaluation license?). This way, they can work on the same projects as you, and even create new ones on their own. At the end of the trial period, they can purchase either a monthly or an annual subscription from our website (or from their Surface Hub reseller).

How do I know if other users are working on the same project?

On the top right corner of the app there is an icon for each participant to the project.
Also, if another user is editing or moving a tile, the tile header shows a “Currently used by: [Username]” tag in real time.

How can I remove a device?

If you want to use the license on another device, simply click on Unregister in the About > Info section of the radial menu, and the license will stop being associated to that device; you are now allowed to use it on another one. If a device gets broken or needs to be formatted, please contact us at

Can I use CollaBoard offline?

As a cloud-based application, CollaBoard cannot be used offline at the moment. We are considering other options: if you wish to receive updates on this topic, please let us know.

Are there different user roles in CollaBoard?

There are two user roles in CollaBoard: the Project Owner and the Participant. The difference is that the Project Owner can perform admin tasks such as making a Project read-only, editing its description or resetting the Project Key. He is also the only one who can delete the project.

Whoever creates a project is, by default, its Project Owner. He can transfer ownership of the project to somebody else in the About > Info section, by swiping left three times and inserting the email address of the new Project Owner.

How can I set my own template in CollaBoard?

To use your own business template in CollaBoard, create or load a Project, then go to About > Info and swipe left twice to reveal a menu with three buttons. Click on “Set background image” to change the background, and return to the Project. You can now ink on the background to fill in your template.

Can I access all the Projects I worked on?

Yes! Click Load Project in the Radial Menu, then swipe left to see Projects You Created and swipe again to see Projects You Joined. Simply select the desired project, and it will open automatically.

How can I manage my projects?

You can access all Projects you worked on, even if they were created by somebody else. Click Load Project in the Radial Menu, then swipe left to see a list of Projects You Created, swipe again to see all Projects You Joined. Select a project and click Ok to open it.

Only a Project Owner can delete his project, make it read-only, edit its description, or transfer its ownership to somebody else.

Do I need a support contract?

No, you do not need a support contract for CollaBoard. Simply contact us at

Is there a limit on storage for my account?

All versions of CollaBoard include 10 GB of cloud storage space. Additional storage space, on-premises storage or customized solutions can be requested at

Can CollaBoard be customized?

Yes, we can provide customized versions of CollaBoard. Just contact us at
We look forward to hear your ideas and make them a reality. Some examples of possible customizations:

  • On-premises
  • Hybrid solution
  • SAP/Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics CRM Integration
  • SQL/Oracle Database integration
  • Different Cloud solutions (instead of Microsoft Azure)
  • Other Azure Subscriptions
  • Additional features

Can you customize the search function of CollaBoard to search into my own system or database?

Yes, we can do that. Please contact us at to explain your specific needs.

Can I use CollaBoard in Kiosk Mode?

Yes, but only if you have a license for Surface Hub or any other interactive whiteboard or large touchscreen running Windows 10.

If I have a trial version, can I access a project created with a registered version?

If you have a trial version of the app (including the Evaluation Version), you can access any CollaBoard project, even those created by a registered user. To work without time limits, simply purchase a license from our website (or from your Surface Hub reseller).


I can't see a Tile anymore. How can I find it back?

The tile in question might be hidden by another tile. Check the Minimap in the lower left corner of the screen to view the position of every tile in your project.

I lost Project Code and Key. How can I retrieve them?

On your personal device, click Load Project, then swipe left to see a list of Projects You Created, swipe again for Projects You Joined. Select the project you’ve been looking for and click Ok to open it.

Alternatively, you can contact our support team by sending an e-mail to We will be happy to help.

My Voice Commands don't work. Could you help me?

To use voice commands in CollaBoard, you need to activate Hey Cortana on your machine. Simply follow the steps explained in this tutorial.

Why can't I access my Project History from the Surface Hub?

By design, the feature showing Projects You Created and Projects You Joined is only present when a user is logged in to CollaBoard. While this process is automatic on a personal device such as a laptop or Surface Book, we chose to make it optional on the Surface Hub to protect your privacy, since the latter is a shared collaboration device for meeting rooms.

To access your Project History from the Surface Hub, make sure to log in with the same Microsoft (or Office 365), Google, Facebook or Twitter account you are using on your machine.

How can I get support with technical issues?

You can create a ticket by sending an e-mail to You will receive a response within 24-48 hours, depending on the issue’s priority.

Privacy and Security

How do you handle my confidential information?

We store CollaBoard data in the Microsoft Cloud Storage, which is based on Microsoft Azure. To learn more, please see Data Protection in Microsoft Azure.

Can I store my data somewhere else (hybrid, on-premises)?

Yes, this is possible with a customized version of CollaBoard. Please contact us at to discuss your needs.

Where are my data stored?

Your data are stored on Microsoft Azure. If you are using a customized on-premises solution your data are stored in your data center/servers.

Who owns the content I create in CollaBoard?

The content you create and upload on CollaBoard belongs to you. You are responsible for all the data you store and upload on CollaBoard.

How secure are my data?

Communication between our services and Azure is based on HTTPS encryption.

Licensing and Payment

How does licensing work?

CollaBoard licenses are available on a monthly or on an annual basis. We also offer license packages for companies and teams with more than 50 users, with or without Surface Hub or other large touchscreen. For further information on license packages and customized solutions please contact us at

What happens at the end of the trial period?

At the end of the trial period, the app will automatically reinstate the time limit. You will get in-app reminders a few days before the expiration date. Your projects will be stored for two additional months to give you time to purchase a subscription and continue accessing your data.

What if I need more licenses for Personal or Team Devices?

You can always buy additional licenses on our website. If you are a company or a team with more than 50 users, contact us at to request a customized license package.

Can I upgrade or downgrade to a different subscription type (monthly or annual)?

Of course you can. Simply contact us at

Are there any available discounts?

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date with our promotional offers.

How can I renew my subscription?

Subscriptions purchased on our website will be automatically renewed. In any other case, please contact us via email at or via phone at the numbers: +41 44 745 92 92 or +49 30 577 076 850.

How does renewing the subscription work?

Subscriptions purchased on our website will be automatically renewed. You can also contact us before the end of the subscription period expires to renew it.

Can I have a subscription that doesn’t expire?

Yes, this option is available. Contact us at for more information.