New CollaBoard Features: Multi-User and Multi-Ink Support for the Surface Hub

Multi-User and Multi-Ink in CollaBoard - IBV Informatik AG

The Surface Hub has been designed to be a team device. This means multiple users can work on it at the same time. Being creative and doing compelling teamwork is more and more important in the business world, and the Surface Hub is the first device offering a good solution for the modern workplace companies have been trying to implement in the past few years.

Working in Team on the Same Device is A New Experience

However, simply possessing a multi-user device doesn’t automatically change the way people work. The challenge is developing a completely new way of working together in the digital world. A way for multiple users to be more efficient, and do much more in less time. It’s time to leverage all the capabilities of our hardware and push them to the maximum.

CollaBoard + Surface Hub = Cutting-Edge Modern Workplace

Being at the forefront of application development for the modern workplace, we invested in CollaBoard functionalities to leverage the Surface Hub multi-user and multi-ink capabilities. Let’s see how CollaBoard’s new multi-user features on the Surface Hub allow you to work and co-create in new and advanced ways.


Multi-User Feature

In CollaBoard on the Surface Hub, multiple users can move around objects like Sticky Notes, PDFs, Images, Photos, Videos, etc. on the same device at the same time. Plus, each user can now open his Radial Menu to add new content in real time.

Multi-Ink Feature

Two users can now ink with different pens at the same time on the same object. We want to extend this feature in the future for users to work on multiple objects with multiple pens.

What’s in it for you?

With these features, CollaBoard offers an even smoother, more powerful user experience on the Surface Hub. Brainstorm on the same device, work in teams on different documents or other tiles at the same time, or work in groups on the same tiles to:

  • Work in sprints on one device, then easily discuss and compare your results with each other;
  • Work in groups on multiple Surface Hub (for instance, by holding a virtual workshop);
  • Collaborate on a single tile to progress faster on projects.