Digitalization and Business: IBV at FIRST!DAY

Digitalization and Digital Transformation - Michael Görög, IBV Informatik AG

How is digitalization impacting the world of business, and which opportunities are there for individual companies? The FIRST!DAY conference, held on May 11th in Cham (Switzerland), focused on practical examples from real life. The event, organized by First Frame Networkers, featured speakers from IBV, Microsoft, and SBB, among others.

Digitalization: Work as a Network

IBV COO Michael Görög held a session at the event titled “Work as a Network”, about CollaBoard for Surface Hub and the HoloLens, but also virtual meetings, real-time collaboration, and brainstorming.

Digital transformation is already happening: more and more companies are dedicating time and resources to harnessing the power of technology. The concept goes beyond the simple digitization, i.e. the transfer of documents and data from analogue to digital supports. Digitalization is the process of transforming business models based on digital technologies, thus using digitization as a stepping stone.

The fourth industrial revolution has started, and is now spreading as quickly as ever. It is important for companies to understand that this phenomenon will not stop: if anything, it will grow. Therefore, businesses need powerful tools to address it, now: tools like CollaBoard, the Surface Hub and the HoloLens.

Beyond the tools, though, businesses also needs a vision: the very same vision that is at the core of IBV’s 35 years of experience in providing award-winning business applications. Thanks to First Frame for inviting us to explain it.