New CollaBoard Feature: Project Templates

New CollaBoard Feature: Project Templates

In the latest version of CollaBoard (1.3.52) we implemented a new feature: project templates. These are predefined projects filled with the right tiles to easily jump-start a meeting, a brainstorming session or a workshop.

At the moment you can choose from a total of six templates. Here’s how to use them.

Create your Project from a Template

To load a project template just tap on New Project and swipe left to see the full list of available templates.


Agenda Template
The Agenda Template (pictured above) helps you start a structured meeting in a matter of seconds. This template contains an example agenda, a set of tiles and a few tips on how to collaborate in a meeting to achieve common goals. Perfect for getting started with CollaBoard or if you need to hold a meeting right away.

Gamestorming Template
The Gamestorming Template preloads the right tiles to start a successful brainstorming session on the Surface Hub. Use this template for innovation and other creative meetings. If you want to learn more about Gamestorming and how it can help your team to brainstorm more effectively, have a look at our previous posts on the subject.

Business Model Canvas
With the Business Model Canvas template you can immediately start creating or analyzing a business model. We added a few tips on questions to ask and aspects to take into consideration. Use Grid Libraries to order your ideas into groups.

4P Marketing Mix
Working on your marketing strategy? This is the right template for you. Start with defining your four Ps and everything will fall into place.

NABC Method
NABC is a method that helps you create, evaluate and present ideas. The technique was developed by the Stanford Research Institute and is widely known as guideline for creative processes. Give it a try by starting an ideation session with CollaBoard on your Surface Hub.

How to work with CollaBoard
In this template we show you how to work with CollaBoard and which features to use in your projects. It is simply meant to provide some inspiration on what you can do with the app: unleash your creativity, combine and leverage specific features, think outside the box… There is so much more you can do with CollaBoard.


Speed up your work with CollaBoard, and get even more efficient with templates.
Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions about this feature: we would love to hear from you.