New CollaBoard Features: Mind Maps & Workflows, Tiles to Full Screen

New CollaBoard Features: Mind Maps & Workflows, Tiles to Full Screen

Go from idea to action with the newest CollaBoard features. With the latest app update, you can create Mind Maps, Workflows, and much more on your Surface Hub and Windows 10 devices. Furthermore, you can now expand a tile to full screen, and log in on a Surface Hub to quickly access your projects. Let’s have a look at the new features.

Connecting Tiles: Mind Mapping, Workflows, Organigrams, and more

CollaBoard becomes a mind mapping app with the connecting tiles feature: you can now create a connection between any tiles on the canvas. Once created, the lines stretch and shorten to follow the tiles as they move across the board. This means doing even more with CollaBoard, especially since in addition to connecting sticky notes or simple text as in other mind mapping apps, you can connect all types of tiles: PDFs, images, audio recordings, video, and more, using input from a variety of sources. Moreover, you can create high-level overviews by connecting libraries and shift your innovation process into an entirely new gear.

Here are a few examples of what you can do by connecting tiles:

Mind Maps with CollaBoard on Surface Hub

Organigram with CollaBoard

Network Diagram with CollaBoard

How to connect tiles

Connecting tiles is very simple

  • Double tap on a tile. Four points will appear on its four sides
  • Drag one of the points to another tile and release to create a connection

By tapping and holding the connecting line, you can change its color, thickness, shape and direction. No need to look for yet another mind mapping software; with CollaBoard you can start right away.


Expand a Tile to Full Screen

All the different tiles in CollaBoard (Sticky Notes, PDF, Images, Movies, Audio Recordings) can now be expanded to full screen. This allows you to work on them more easily, as you focus only on the single tile in front of the screen. Of course, other team members currently working on the project will continue to see the entire canvas. This feature is useful in a variety of scenarios:

  • With presentations, to show a single tile and keep your audience focused
  • To use a Sticky Note as a whiteboard  
  • To work on PDFs or plans
  • When working in team on a single tile


Double Login on Surface Hub

Although the Surface Hub is a team device, it can be useful to log in CollaBoard to access some personal files or CollaBoard projects more quickly. We therefore implemented a new feature on the Surface Hub version of CollaBoard for you to do so, if you wish. At the launch of the app, you can decide if you want to use it as a team or if you want to log in to access the list of your personal projects.


Simply download (or update) the app from the Microsoft Store to use all the new features. Enjoy!