Access your Projects in 3 Seconds: New CollaBoard Features

CollaBoard is a collaborative application for Surface Hub, Surface Studio and Windows 10 devices

In our neverending quest to make your work life easier, we at IBV have released a new version of CollaBoard this week. Yes, we are always adding features to CollaBoard, and have a steady stream of ideas on how to improve teamwork. This week, however, we made a few major changes to our productivity app that will dramatically increase your productivity and conversion rates.

So what did we do? We made CollaBoard easier and faster to use, allowing you to open a project in under 3 seconds. Yes, three seconds. Here’s how:

  • NFC Support: swipe an NFC sticker on your Surface Hub or Windows Mobile to access a project
  • QR Code Support: simply share a QR code to invite colleagues and clients to a project
  • Full Surface Studio Support: we already supported Surface Dial, now the integration is complete
  • Faster Loading Time: 50% faster loading of new projects
  • Partial Redesign: we added easy-to-understand icons and menus
  • Editable Header in Tile Libraries: ink and type on tile headers to name libraries
  • Auto-hide Toolbar: the tile toolbar slides up when not in use

We encourage you to try all the new features and increase your productivity – today. Also, the next time you meet your prospects, hand out a few NFC business cards and have them access your CollaBoard project from their devices. We bet they will never forget you.

If you haven’t installed CollaBoard yet, don’t miss out: try it now for 30 days and test it with your team.


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