Customer Engagement Made Easy

Customer Engagement Made Easy with CollaBoard

In a global market, we all need to make quick decisions: evaluating all possibilities before buying a product or service is extremely difficult, if not downright impossible. In this climate, the real competitive edge is held by the companies able to create meaningful relationships with their customers, by listening to their needs and proposing the right solutions while being innovative. This is customer engagement in a nutshell, and it doesn’t have to be hard; in fact, we prepared a list of tips that will help you ensure good relationships with your clients.

1. Listen with insight. Even if you are extremely knowledgeable about your products and services, you cannot possibly know your clients’ needs as much as they do. It is, therefore, important to take all the time necessary to listen to your customers, and do so with insight, getting a complete picture and thinking about how to better fulfill their needs as they speak. This should be every company’s number one priority. Often our own vision of the world can cloud our judgment, especially in business relationships: don’t make this mistake.

2. Explain with a proactive attitude. When selling a product or a service, it is not possible nor desirable to go into every detail right away; that doesn’t mean that this shouldn’t be done at a later stage. Training your customers to use your product or service in the correct way is a continuous process that builds trust and fosters brand loyalty. Ask your support team regularly for insights on problems your customers may have, and take steps to solve them ahead of time: often all it takes to prevent disappointment is to make information available in a proactive manner.

3. Do frequent check-ins. Everybody’s time is limited, but better stop in the middle of a project to check back with the client than providing a product that is somewhat divergent from his expectations. Misunderstandings can always happen, and some clients might not have a perfectly clear idea of what they want at the beginning of a project. It is often easier for them to provide feedback on a draft than define every detail right from the beginning. We recommend using our productivity app CollaBoard to show your clients proof of concepts, prototypes, drafts and let them interact through the app to tweak details, make annotations and provide feedback. CollaBoard provides an immersive experience that makes customers feel valuable and will eventually turn them into evangelists and influencers for your product.

Fig. 1 – CollaBoard used for Digital Onboarding in an Online Banking scenario as seen from the customer’s side


Fig.2 – CollaBoard used for Digital Onboarding in an Online Banking scenario as seen from the trainer’s side

4. Foster digital onboarding
. Whether through a webinar, a meeting in remote with CollaBoard, social media interaction, or your online customer platform, it is a good idea to leverage your online channels to continue the conversation with your customers, provide better access to your product and resources and involve them in your company’s vision. CollaBoard’s easy-to-use interface fosters customers’ digital onboarding by letting them interact through their Windows 10 device, no training required.

5. Be available. Throughout the customer journey, it is important to be there to solve your customers’ doubts, provide the right resources and gain valuable insights into the day-to-day user experience. No product is perfect, but being available for your clients will help you identify concerns, explain features and prove yourself to be a reliable partner they will come back to.

6. Smile. Whether in person, on a conference call, or even on a simple phone call, smiling will put you in a better mood, make you more open and give the other side a positive feeling. Never underestimate the impact of a smile, even in negative situations: the attitude with which you enter a conversation will reflect on your counterpart.

We encourage you to use CollaBoard to ensure high customer engagement at all stages of his journey. Want to try it with one of your customers? Contact us or fill in the form to request an evaluation license.

What about you? How did you increase customer engagement? Let us know in the comments.