Surface Hub Essentials – Get started

Surface Hub

After more than a year of experience in dealing with Surface Hub customers, we have an idea on how different teams and Organizations use the Surface Hub on a daily basis.

The What

We collected hundreds of feedback and we also realized how different the Hub (or any other Team Device) is used based on the verticals/responsibilities/activities/etc. And of course there are different levels of knowledge depending on the role in each and everyone of those Org.

Through our knowledge and experience, while working side by side with Microsoft, we decided to start a new video series on YouTube called “Surface Hub Essentials“.

The Why

The reason why we took this decision is because there are several articles out there, but those same articles are primarily targeting the IT Departments. We want to help everyone to get the most out of this device. It’s a device that is easy and fun to use and, with our lessons, you will be able to capitalize this learning for your own personal use.

The How/When

Starting September, we will start producing videos covering the basics of the Surface Hub, to help the reader get familiar with it. It’s gonna be really the basics (so Level 100) but we do hope this will help them to know how to better interact with the Surface Hub.


If you are interested in this, head over to our YouTube Channel and subscribe it. And if you have questions or feedback, feel free to contact us at collaboard (at) ibv (dot) ch.

Hope you will enjoy this journey!