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Your New Way of Working - CollaBoard by IBV Informatik AG

Flexibility, BYOD, v-teams, co-working, freelancing, outsourcing… In the modern world, each innovation in technology is considered the ultimate evidence that the business world is on the verge of a radical change. The reality often looks much less dramatic.

Here at IBV, we like to talk in more concrete terms. What we do is help you create new, improved ways of working by building stress-free software that is a pleasure to use – no matter where you are and what you do. We believe that the business world has changed already, and is currently quickly progressing towards Natural User Interfaces. Input methods such as Touch, Voice and Inking already massively entered our lives, and their presence is only bound to increase. We are convinced that the first companies to understand this shift will be the giants of tomorrow. So we build software for them.

Here is why.

Meetings. Endless, unidirectional, ineffective meetings are not the best use of your time. Even more so when you leave with a sense of uncertainty, looking forward to lifesaving meeting minutes. That’s why we created CollaBoard: a real-time collaboration environment integrating Skype for Business, enabling you and your team to work in real time from any Windows 10 device and location by leveraging natural input methods. Meetings with CollaBoard are a completely different experience, as we explained in a previous post: everyone feels involved and encouraged to participate with the intuitive, quick and easy-to-use interface.

Teamwork. We’ll just go ahead and say it: in our busy professional lives, email has lost its supremacy as teamwork tool. A number of recent studies, as reported by Forbes, support the idea that email actually lowers productivity. With CollaBoard, we provide an environment that naturally fosters teamwork all while reducing the number of emails. So you don’t have to handle work and internal communication as two separate tasks. In CollaBoard, every team member can see the status of your concept work, presentation, project, brainstorming session, meeting, etc. directly by logging into the app from any Surface Hub, Surface Studio and Windows 10 device – and take over from there. Better teamwork naturally leads to increased productivity; after all, as the John C. Maxwell quote goes, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Sales. A 2016 study by Forrester Research showed that in-person sales presentations held on the Surface Hub led to +20% increase in sales. Now, imagine running a CollaBoard project instead of a traditional presentation app on the Surface Hub: a living canvas that you can modify as you go with all kinds of files, a huge workspace to explore endless scenarios, a collaborative environment where clients can provide real-time feedback from remote. Presentations thus become involving moments in which the client feels included and his feedback becomes part of the concept – as you speak, literally. But it doesn’t end there: concept work is only an initial stage in the customer journey. What if you follow up with a HoloLens app showcasing your product? Show a prototype before it is even built. Imagine a virtual proof-of-concept. Virtually install a customized solution in the client’s own office or house: the possibilities are endless.

Download CollaBoard now and tell us all about your new way of working:

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