Happy Holidays from IBV

Christmas, Happy Holidays

The end of the year always brings with it important reflections on the work done so far. This is even more true for eventful and intense years, such as 2016 at IBV. It is just natural to look back to move forward, always one step closer to our vision, but also to take a moment and be proud of all that we accomplished in the past 12 months.

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How to Pick the Right Present with CollaBoard

Find the right present with CollaBoard

The holiday season is upon us, and shopping stress is increasing. Gift-giving is a wonderful tradition, but one which also requires quite some work. Unfortunately, the amount of available free time is always the same, which will punctually translate in hectic weeks ahead, long queues, and general research frenzy in order to find the right presents. Right? Not quite so.

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4 Ways to Get your Message Across with CollaBoard

iInking and typing with CollaBoard, productivity app

In life as well as in business, there is one fundamental truth: we are all different. Some of us are great speakers, others have a flair for numbers or a great eye for design. It’s not necessarily professional bias, though this can play a role; it’s simply a matter of personal attitudes. We all have that one colleague who just has a great eye for visuals. It’s the person we go to whenever we need an opinion on design, independent of his actual role in the company.

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Gamestorming with CollaBoard: Affinity Map

Gamestorming with CollaBoard, Affinity Map

Last week we talked about Gamestorming, brainstorming with the use of games. As you may recall, Gamestorming techniques spread in 1970’s Silicon Valley to help teams overcome the limitations imposed by group and thought dynamics in traditional brainstorming. One of these limitations, for instance, is the fact that some employees are more extrovert than others, and thus tend to dominate traditional brainstorming sessions, whereas more reserved employees hesitate to speak up.

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Gamestorming with CollaBoard: 3-12-3 Brainstorm

Gamestorming with CollaBoard

Brainstorming is often the only solution to the complex business problems we face every day.
Unfortunately though, brainstorming is not always effective, either due to group dynamics, or simply because the situation requires a complete paradigm shift. This is especially true when innovation is at stake and none of the traditional business processes can be used.

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Building your New Way of Working

Your New Way of Working - CollaBoard by IBV Informatik AG

Flexibility, BYOD, v-teams, co-working, freelancing, outsourcing… In the modern world, each innovation in technology is considered the ultimate evidence that the business world is on the verge of a radical change. The reality often looks much less dramatic. Here at IBV, we like to talk in more concrete terms.

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The Impact of the Surface Hub on our Marketing Meetings

IBV CollaBoard

Since we equipped our main meeting room with a 55” Surface Hub with CollaBoard installed on it (for testing purposes, as we did not release it yet), our meetings completely changed. All of our teams have free access to the meeting room and we got to experience how these new technologies have impacted

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