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AVS CollaborationDays

During the CollaBoard and Surface Hub Roadshow we presented CollaBoard on several events. One of theme was the AVS Collaboration Days, which was a community session to explore the future of collaboration. Over 100 people listened to speeches about the latest hardware and software developments for unifying communication and facilitating collaboration over different locations.

Collaboration within the Digital Transformation

The digital transformation has a big impact on the way we work and how we interact with software. Our COO Michael Görög was talking in his speech about the evolution of user interfaces, the Surface Hub, CollaBoard and the HoloLens. All these technologies accompany many companies and will accompany many of them during the digital transformation. They are enablers for a new way of working together in teams and overcoming challenges like dispersed and virtual teams.

On the Surface Hub he loaded with a QR code the presentation he prepared in CollaBoard filled with images, pdfs, videos and several sticky notes. See here how this looked like. Zooming in and out on the Hub to talk about single topics made the presentation very dynamic.


How to make virtual collaboration work

To make people master the digital transformation, good hardware and software are essential. In the past it was very difficult to onboard a lot of people to technology (remember command line interfaces on black screen with green text). This changed completely with the breakthrough of smartphones and simple apps. As users get used to easy to use, nice looking, psychological ergonomics and good working apps in their private lives, they start asking for similar software in their business environment.

Virtual collaboration can only work, when technology is supporting the collaborative processes and enables all people to use it. Michael demonstrated in details why the Surface Hub is one of the best devices to facilitate collaboration of virtual teams. Using CollaBoard, he showed how two teams can work together in real time on multiple devices. Using two Surface Hubs in his presentation, he simulated a virtual co-creation session. After talking about the technologies that now have an impact on the way we work, he showed what the future can bring. Here the question is which new reality will bring us to best collaborative experience for teams. Will it be Mixed Reality (HoloLens), Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality? As the answer to this question is not clear yet Michael showed some examples how the HoloLens can change the collaborative work in the future.


Large Touch Screens for a new work experience 

Beside the different speeches, there was the possibility to try out a lot of collaboration technologies. For example large multi-touch screens from NEC, SMART, COMM-TEC, DELL and Microsoft. We tested CollaBoard on all of them and it was nice to see how we could work together using these different large touch screens. Although there were differences in quality and features these devices include it was fun using and testing them.

CollaBoard in action on AVS Collaboration Days


Thank you AVS

It was a pleasure being part of the AVS Collaboration Days and to meet all the interesting people over there.



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