New CollaBoard Templates

New CollaBoard Templates

CollaBoard is more than just a simple digital whiteboard. To make it easier for people starting the new way of working, CollaBoard contains a special selection of templates. We revamped all the templates and they appear in a new look now. We have templates for:

What are the new templates?

To provide more use cases with CollaBoard, we talked to our customers to find out what templates they would like to have in CollaBoard. We analyzed what analogue frameworks and templates they are currently using for their collaborative sessions. And then we started to digitize them.

We created 20 new templates and implemented them into CollaBoard.

Correspondingly, we structured all the templates into categories. Some of them contain a little instruction on the left and let you do your training/group work on your own. Others are fully ready templates with well-known strategies like the SWOT analysis or a weekly planner. Additionally, we added some fun templates like a football field to let people get familiar with new technologies in an easy way.

Overview of some new templates

All the new templates in categories

Creativity Templates

  • Gamestorming
  • Inspiring Ideation Board
  • Mind-Mapping
  • Sticky Note Window
Nature Background for Inspiration and Creativity

Workshop Templates

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Design Thinking (to be done)
  • Digital Navigation Canvas
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Value Proposition Canvas
Business Model Canvas

Marketing and Sales Templates

  • Brand Circle
  • Buying Center
  • Marketing Mix (4P)
  • Persona Template
  • Sales Funnel
  • Social Media Post Pipeline
Personas Workshop

Planning Templates

  • Calendar 2019
  • Company Overview
  • Kanban Wall
  • Scrum Wall
  • Weekly Planner
Kanban Template for Productivity

With the intention to replace all analogue workshops and trainings, we love to create new templates and provide you as many use cases as possible.

However, if there is something missing, that you would love to use digitally, let us know. Until then, have fun creating new projects!