New LinkedIn Community for Interactive Displays

Value Proposition Canvas with CollaBoard

There are over 200 million workspaces that are ripe for their digital transformation. In many of them an interactive display will replace flipcharts, whiteboards, sticky note walls, overhead projectors or beamers.

A reason for the fast-growing interactive display demand is that we are facing the next revolution how people interact with technology. People start to interact using touch, digital pens, gestures, voice commands etc. Existing hardware and software are much better than a few years ago and allow for a very natural interaction.

With the ongoing digital transformation of everything interactive displays offer a possibility to transform meeting rooms and workspaces and make them more digital and collaborative. Companies explored over the last years how to adapt to these new ways of working and some of them have found their answers.

To help people and companies finding answers how to create a modern workspace, how to transform existing meeting and collaboration spaces, how to get the most out of an interactive display, we created a new group on LinkedIN for “Interactive Displays”.

The purpose of this LinkedIN group is to build a virtual community around interactive displays and the use cases they can serve in modern working environments. The main topics the group will focus on are:

  • Use Cases for large interactive displays in daily work
  • Interactive displays for the modern workspace (existing hardware)
  • Transformation of working methodology
  • Software for interactive displays
  • Challenges companies face to implement and adapt interactive displays

Join our LinkedIN group and help us to explore boldly work with technology like no one has before.