Business Use Cases for Interactive Displays

Business Use Cases for Interactive Displays

The focus of this series is about business use cases for interactive displays in a modern workspace. It will give you an overview on the most common things teams are doing with these devices.

If you already have or plan to equip your offices with interactive displays, this blog post series will help you to find suitable use cases in your daily work.

Apparently, it is quite easy to buy and set up an interactive display in a technical point of view. The big challenge is user adaption!

Interactive displays should help people to do the same work than before, just digital, easier and progressively add new methods using the right software. If the interactive display can replace the analogue ways, users will adapt naturally and implement it into their daily routine.

Therefore, modern workplace specialist, collaboration officers and digital transformation coaches need to find the right use case for the people that are intending to work with these devices.

Indeed, there is a huge potential for interactive displays, as there are millions of meeting rooms and workspaces, that are ready for the digital transformation. In many of them, an interactive display will replace flip charts, whiteboards, sticky note walls and projectors.

Business use cases for interactive displays

In the week during ISE 2019, we are going to publish a new blog post about a business use case for interactive displays every day.