Get Creative with your Interactive Display

Get Creative with your Interactive Display

One of the biggest challenges for companies is to foster creativity while everything becomes more digital and workplaces changes.

Above all, creativity of employees is one of the best comparative advantages of modern companies. Companies are supposed to look for opportunities to remove barriers to productivity and creativity, so that you can focus on inspiring the whole team.

Secondly, teams need to be able to get creative when they are in the same room as well as when they are spread across different locations.

With the right tools and teams, companies can unleash the creativity of their employees and create high-quality innovation.

Indeed, leading businesses are quickly learning how important communication, collaboration and creativity are. Therefore, they are constantly embracing change. Tools like interactive displays make this goal easier to achieve than ever before.

The list “why creativity is crucial for companies to become more successful” is endless. Moreover, the important question is how the proper setup in a room combined with the cutting-edge technology can bring teams in this special creativity flow, where good ideas grow.

Foster creativity with digital tools

In this post we will have a look at some examples on how to foster creativity using digital tools like interactive displays. There are numerous advantages when people use digital tools for their creativity sessions.

First, remove mouse and keyboards from any device and make sure people can interact in a natural setting with technology. Secondly, there are a lot of studies proving, that handwriting and natural interaction stimulate multiple regions in the human brain.

Digital Brainstorming

Often, brainstorming is the only solution to complex business problems we face every day.
Unfortunately though, brainstorming is not always effective. Either, due to group dynamics, or simply because the situation requires a complete paradigm shift.

Digital tools can help to improve brainstorming sessions and to enable idea creation with remote team members. If you do conventional brainstorming or other techniques like Affinity Maps, and Gamestorming, digital tools can support the whole process of idea creation.

Use a shared digital whiteboard

Interactive displays are perfect to replace flip charts and analogue whiteboards. People can ink directly on the screen surface. The better the quality of the touchscreen, the lower the latency. Existing devices provide a very natural writing experience with almost no latency.

Benefits of digital whitboards

  • All the data is stored online and can be accessed anytime and anywhere
  • People can ink on the whiteboard from their own devices and remote locations
  • Pens do not dry out, it is erasable and there is always enough space to write

Create digital sticky notes

Post-its or sticky notes are present in almost every company and meeting room. They can be used for thousands of different purposes.

There is only one disadvantage of analogue sticky notes: they can’t be used in an efficient way in online meetings. We like them a lot, so we created digital sticky notes in CollaBoard.

Benefits of digital sticky notes

  • No one needs to take photos of the sticky notes afterwards
  • Sticky notes can be created from everywhere
  • Sticky notes do not fall off the wall
  • Colors of sticky notes can be changed at any time

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