Unlock the Power of the Surface Hub

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The Surface Hub offers unexpected possibilities to modernize business processes.

Microsoft presents a fully developed device which has huge potential to bring companies forward with their digital transformation.

The Surface Hub runs Windows 10 and apps can be installed directly from the Store. While apps like the Whiteboard or Skype are available for teamwork, industry- and business-specific apps are still missing. Only if we manage to integrate the new collaboration device into our work process through innovative software solutions, it will redefine the way we work.

With the knowledge of 35 years of business application development and a particular expertise in the areas of Multi-User Experience, Natural User Interface and More Personal Computing, at IBV we develop applications to integrate the Surface Hub into your work processes. We will help you make your vision come true. Our experts are at your disposal to develop and implement your software ideas for the Surface Hub.

Soon you will be able to download our first app for the Hub from the Windows Store and the Windows Business Store.  Learn more about Collaboration Hub.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the Surface Hub and the new possibilities it offers in terms of software.

Touch to the Future